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CAMP: NPY 2018 BASIC - Norway Power Yoga

Are you ready for better sleep, a stronger body, and less stress? Are you ready for a self-confidence boost? Are you ready to reach your goals, one time for all? 

Over the course of this weekend you will be equipped with tools to take your physical practice deeper so you can get stronger, both physically and mentally. You will learn techniques to sleep better, focus better and create a life with less stress, and more joy. 

You will be pushed to your limit, physically, so this is only for those who have decided that "THIS is IT!" and are up for a challenge. 


Workshop Weekend

Friday night:
19:00 90 minutes of power yoga

09:00 60 minutes of Power Yoga
10:00 BREAK
10:30 Workshop 1: Foundations of Power Yoga
12:30 BREAK
13:30 Workshop 2: Advance your postures
15:30 BREAK

16:00 60 Minutes of Power OFF: restorative practice

10:00 60 minutes of Power Yoga
11:00 BREAK
12:00 Workshop: Learn to take a break
13:30 BREAK
14:30 Workshop: More than a physical practice?
15:30 60 minutes Power Yoga

Price per person 2000,- for non-members, (Member price 1800,-)

Note. Price doesn't include food, so it's important to plan your meals and bring enough food with you.

Limited spots, so sign up today!