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Warrior Soul & Diesell Gorilla - Gamle Total Scene & Bar

In the late 80’s “street metal” was a concept. Then, in 1990, Kory Clarke’s WARRIOR SOUL delivered the “real thing”- NYC street metal with a punk rock chaser, served both shaken AND stirred using underworld city life and deep ceded political observations as a mixer. The result is one of Rock music’s most timeless collections in EVERY WAY. “The Losers”, “Downtown”, “Rocket 88″, “Love Destruction” and SO MANY MORE take you on a privately guided tour of NYC’s underworld while shoving an angst ridden political statement down your throat….and you LIKE it. WARRIOR SOUL is undeniably one of the best bands on the planet’ and when it’s THIS good, you HAVE to see it for yourself! Support:

Later Event: April 30