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Wellness Weekend - The Goats' Garden

The Wellness Weekend is a combination of a relaxing retreat to a 1920’s country home, together with a variety of deep ecological and wellness activities that bring us into harmony with ourselves and our Earth. 

Designed for a group of 4-8 people in 2-4 double rooms, the weekend is open to couples, friends, or those who are willing to share a room and a bathroom. In this warm and intimate atmosphere, we will participate in a variety of wellness activities - a discussion of modern day separation and ways to re-unite with our nature and the nature around us, a deep time walk, movement activities for wellness, exploring sound as vibration for wellness, meditation in and with nature, and a nature mandala. There will also be time for a soak in the hot tub, visits with curious and bouncy baby goats, walks on the grounds or quiet time. All meals, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, are included and will be a sampling of rich and abundant tasty and healing vegan organic food, including a variety of raw foods.

With full program and two days accommmodation: the cost for lodging, all meals, and ecological/nature activities is 1200 -2000 on a sliding scale determined by participants, based on economic ability.

Day price: The day price for Saturday, with deep time walk, lunch, movement session, supper, and sound session is 450 - 650 kroner on a sliding scale determined by participants based on economic ability. 

Other offers, such as yoga, integration therapy, and massage, may be added to the weekend's activities and will be posted on this page. 
Please reply by pm if you are interested in registering for the weekend! There are only 8 places for this offer.
email:, dennelillejord@gm